Owner Susan Patnode

Owner Susan Patnode has lived and worked with animals for the past twenty-five years, learning first hand about animal behavior, and dietary needs. Susan and her family have been the proud owners of a variety of pets, which has built up her knowledge base for many of the questions you may have. Susan is willing and able to do the research for you as to what products are best for your family needs. When you come in to Tails of the Adirondacks she, and her staff can help match your pet with the correct food for their age, behavior, weight, as well as a number of other factors.

Susan has a certificate from the Animal Behavior College as a certified dog trainer.


”Tails of the Adirondacks is not just another pet store! I have a wonderful, but rather sickly, German Shepard who needs a special diet, non-allergenic dog treats, and a good deal of medical attention. Not only does Tails of the Adirondacks have the special food my dog needs, but even better, it has Sue Patnode, the owner. Sue is animal lover extraordinare who relishes getting to know you and your animal. She is a veritable storehouse of information on animal behavior, she dispenses tips and tricks on caring for your pet, and she has a phenomenal track record in identifying my dog's medical issues. This pet store operates more like a old fashion general store, giving customers like me a sense of warmth, welcome, and belonging. If you want a place that cares about you and your pets, then Tails of the Adirondacks is your place.“ Cerise Oberman

”Fabulous Fabulous place! Never have to worry about poor quality of products. Very reasonable pricing and a super great staff! Very caring and knowledgable people.“ Carole

Having grown up in a small business, I have a good idea of what it takes to get and keep customers. Sue and her staff at "Tails" have hit the proverbial nail on the head. They provide personal service that makes me feel welcome each time I go. The atmosphere is a very comfortable one for both humans and their canine companions. The variety of food and treats available covers most if not all health and dietary needs and top of the line nutrition for the four legged friends in our lives. It is definitely a "one stop" shopping for animals. I have a 12 year old Australian Shepard/beagle mix that had a weight issue and hip problems some time ago. With Sue's help and guidance, I was able to bring down the weight of my dog and now she runs around as if she is a puppy again. Now when she goes outside with my other dog (black lab/boxer mix), they chase each other for a little while. If dogs could smile, my two are because of Sue and her staff at "Tails of the Adirondacks".“ Diane M Randecker

”Excellent source of healthy pet foods - wide variety of dog and cat food and toys. Helpful staff.“ K. Lawliss

Animal Behavior College Certificate